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Dj M.i.A's genre bending EP Blends Reggae / Hip Hop / Dubstep / Pop / Electro / House / Turntablism into a mind numbing new expereience.

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One of the biggest Hip Hop Beasts I know. Arguably one of the best battle MC's of his generation, and soon to be a household name! Check out his newly released Redrum Mixtape, and buy his new album "Monster". This album is amazing!!




Mike did the cover work for the newly released POP-Sickle album. He's an amazing visual artist and dope tatoo artist based out of the San Francisco, Bay Area. Peep his website and artwork.




Big Thanks to Dj/Producer/Engineer Homero Espinosa for all his help!

Check out his website for booking and to peep his music releases.



Dj Arrow is the foundation of Youth Fiyah Sounds, a Reggae Dj and the Sound System for Bay Area Sensation Native Elements.






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